How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store

Learn how retail stores can attract customers with tips & strategies like offering free warranties & money-back guarantees, leveraging retail space & creating events.

How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store

Prioritizing and deciding to change the things that don't work first is essential for retail stores to attract customers. For example, offering a free warranty, customer support, or a 30-day money-back guarantee can offer more value than the money customers would save by buying your product on a competitor's website online. According to a BigCommerce report, 45% of respondents made an online purchase in the six months prior to responding to the survey. This is an enormous amount of online sales, but users are starting to get ahead of these ads.

Emails have less than 23% open rate, so if you have an attractive promotion, the easiest way to make sure it's read is to share it via text message. 99% of texts are read, so it's absolutely necessary for your retail store to do everything possible to appear in online searches. Even if most people find out about you by word of mouth, 36.4% of people said they often visit online stores before visiting them in person. Having an effective store design is essential to keeping customers in your retail store for longer.

The threshold area is the first space that customers will enter when they arrive at your store, so you need to make sure that this area stands out more, in terms of lighting, screen, and color, to attract customers. Many consumers won't even consider buying with a brand that doesn't have a strong online presence, so it's essential to maintain your online presence by regularly posting to your social media accounts and updating your website. Interesting content, images and exclusive offers will help you gain a loyal following. Also remember to use a strong call to action for effective results, such as “Be Fast” or “Buy Now”.

This should have customers running through your door in no time. According to Shopify, the ConversionXL team conducted a case study that showed that, by adding a little urgency to their offerings, they could increase sales by 332%. All series of sales promotions have a positive effect on consumption, which clearly confirms the assumption that sales promotions increase average sales due to the effect of stock accumulation on consumption. If you have a physical store or are an online retailer, reliable and efficient inventory management software is critical to the success of your business, helping you to easily track all inventory activity, avoid costly mistakes and stay well organized. Ensuring that your warehouse operations are executed as productively as possible and that everything remains orderly and controlled within your warehouse is another important aspect of warehouse management and of maintaining an effective online presence. To optimally control this part of their supply chain, most online merchants opt for powerful management software. Creating the right atmosphere is also essential for retail stores.

What does creating the perfect store environment entail? And especially in a post-COVID world? Bob Phibbs suggests minimizing store counters as they are often considered to psychologically separate the store owner or sales employee from customers. Andrew Adam Newman for Retail Brew noted that scents are a key part of his store's identity. In-store retail events are becoming an important part of a retail store's marketing efforts because they help build relationships with customers and increase sales. As managers, make sure your teams are aware of what they look and do even if there are no shoppers inside the retail store. Not only do customers feel that they are part of an exclusive group when they attend these events but it also gives them the opportunity to save money and keep them continuously shopping at your retail store. Research shows that 40% of consumers are more likely to shop at stores that go the extra mile and personalize their shopping experience. People are attracted to well-designed spaces and as such brick-and-mortar store owners are investing in thoughtful and memorable design when it comes to their stores.

Your whole focus as a retailer right now has to focus on how to attract potential and existing customers to your retail store, keep them there by offering them a great customer experience, selling them something, inviting them to come back and then promoting them. Learn how to effectively leverage your retail space by designing all your retail displays to increase sales and welcome new customers. 90% of customers unconsciously turn to the right when they enter a store so this section will have the most impact on their first impression and requires special attention in terms of what you choose to display and how you display it.

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